Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Topshop Makeup

Today I had a lovely little delivery from the postman, the Topshop makeup order I had placed on Saturday. I was impressed with the fast delivery as I am definitely on the impatient side, and waiting any longer than 24 hours for anything starts to turn me into a mental patient, checking my email constantly for a dispatched notification. I had never actually tried any Topshop makeup prior to about 3 weeks ago, I love the topshop clothing range and I would say at least half of my wardrobe tends to be from there. However, when it comes to makeup I like to stick to the brands I know and love, but despite my misconceptions Topshop have really delivered. The first item I tested from Topshop makeup range was a lipstick in shade confession, which reminds me of my much loved Mac Impassioned. However, confession has more of a orange undertone, but I would say the quality is almost as impressive as Mac, the only downfall is the lack of finishes that Topshop offer, with this lipstick been a matte finish and for someone like me who suffers with dry lips, it can be abit of a struggle. However, this isn't something a little vaseline prior to application wont cure, and regardless of this factor I am definitely converted. 
Topshop Lipstick in Ohh La La

First of all I have to say I love the quirky packaging, simple yet sophisticated and I love how the packaging is a metal instead of the general plastic containers that lower end lipsticks come in, even though at £8 a pop I wouldn't consider this to be the cheapest of lipsticks, but compared to the £13.50 I pay at Mac and for the quality it's definitely justifiable. I would describe Ohh La La as a hot pinky-coral colour, its vibrant and pigmented, but takes two coats to get the perfect colour pay off. This shade comes in a velvet finish, which glided on the lips perfectly and i didn't even need to use my trusty vaseline as a base as the lipstick was somewhat moisturising. I would compare this shade to Mac's vegas volt. Overall I would give this lipstick a 8/10 as it could be slightly more moisturising and maybe even slightly more pigmented, but I will certainly be picking up more of these, I think Ohh La la is the perfect summer shade and looks delicious with a tan.

Topshop Lip Tint in Crystal (Sisters of the New Moon Collection)

Again I love the packaging of this lipstick, super cute. I would describe this lipstick as a pink hard jelly with little flecks of silver. The colour pay off is not great. However, it is very natural looking, on myself it was a sheer medium to bright pink which is a little difficult to apply due to the hard jelly texture and takes a few applications to get any decent colour pay off and to be honest the silver glitter did not really show through at all, but it did slightly stain my lips a pinky shade. On the other hand,  the packaging describes this as ' a lip tint that reacts to your skin to create a unique shade' so perhaps this may work better for others. I would not say this is worth the £9 price tag but I do think it just looks so delicious in the tube it reels you in, for me a 6/10.
Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels.

Love love this product, comes in a cute little polka dot case which  flips open to reveal a mirror and 4g of cream blush. I think the shade of the blush on the Topshop website is very deceiving as it looks lot more coral, and doesn't show the pink undertones which is what really makes this blush a winner. It possesses a beautiful creamy texture that gives a radiant dewy glow and is very buildable if you prefer a more dramatic cheek, I have never been a fan of majorly bright cheeks so this is perfect for me and for someone who tends to shy away from cream blushes I'm very much impressed. 9/10.
swatch from left to right,      Ohh La La lipstick, Crystal Lip Tint, Head Over Heals Blush.


  1. i have got to try top shop makeup it looks soo amazing i was in top shop the other day and was so tempted to buy some but i have to wait till i get beck from holiday.


  2. Yes I would definitely give it a go, the permanent collection of lipsticks are gorgeous I just wish they had a wider colour range for me to experiment with lol :)

  3. I'm so planning a little topshop makeup order soon, the stuff looks lovely and I love the packaging!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  4. Everyone raves about topshop makeup I really must try some out, perhaps the blush is a good place to start?!

    1. I would probably start with a lipstick, (not the liptint though lol) the original collection of lipsticks are amazing I will definitely be buying more :) x

  5. i really wanna try topshop makeup!
    please checkout my blog!
    thankyou very much! xx