About Me

I have a BSc degree in Psychology.
My name is double barrelled Vanessa-Marie but my friends call me, ness or v. 
I love ben & jerrys icecream.
I am 22 years old.
I have a tattoo on my wrist in memory of one of my best friends who passed away.
I have a pomeranian dog called Snowie and he follows me everywhere, I LOVE him soooo much, hes my baby.
I intend to take a year out at some point and travel the world.
The champagne dreams part of my blog is from a song called shimmer, this was dedicated to be by someone very close, I am most definitely a dreamer.
I am a book worm and love to read, anything from Cosmo to A Mans Search for Meaning.
I LOVE to dress up for a night out with dramatic makeup and coordinating outfits...but 
I also love lounging around the house hair tied up, joggers and no makeup :)
I love to change my haircolour, I've now been red, brunette, black, light blonde, dark blonde and purple.
I heart food yet don't put on weight, I have fast metabolism and have been a size 6 to 8 since I was 14.
I have an ADDICTION to shopping.
Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are my idols, no modern women can compare to these two beauts.
I talk ALOT and would rather talk about ANYTHING to avoid awkward silences.
I get bored VERY easily and love change and adventure .

Anything at all you want to know just ask :)



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