Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bodyshop Make up Brushes

Hello ladies hope you all had a lovely weekend :) now I thought I would ask for your expert advice before I went ahead and bought these. I'm not sure if you are aware but the Bodyshop are having the most amazing sale at the moment, buy 10 items and get 50% off, thats correct 50% WOW. Now I have always been a fan of bodyshop products and find them of a high quality and although I have neglected their make up in recent years, their coconut bodybutter is a staple in my skin routine and the new chocolate one looks and smells AMAZING. I have a collection of Bobbi Brown and Mac make up brushes but I really want another set of lower priced but quality brushes to use while my brushes are being deep cleaned or as a back up set and I thought this deal would be the perfect opportunity to give these a try, but before doing that I thought I would ask you lovely ladies your opinions.

Have any of you tried any Bodyshop brushes and would you recommend them? xoxo


  1. I am a huge fan of the body shop <3 I love their soaps, shower gels and body butters too.

    I bought a brush roll in January in the sale, I got 4 brushes for £16 (amazing) and they're beautifully soft and natural, I have used them a lot and I really like them but they weren't good enough to replace my MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes which I use everyday I think because the cut of the hair is very flat and simple whereas my others are more fluffy/tapered - Real Techniques are amazing too and have been on 3 for 2 in Boots recently.

    With 50% off and a brush roll it has event tempted me though haha xx

    1. yeah their bodybutter are a hg item i'd cry if they stopped doing them lol, thankyou alot for your input its really helpful, I think I'm going to go for one or two from the bodyshop that i've been advised are really good and get the real techniques ones instead as I love the quality of those :) xx